Connecting to Twitch Group Chat via IRC

Update April 2016 - Group chat has moved to the main IRC servers. Check out my other guide for connection instructions.

Before Connecting

In order to join one of those new group chats via IRC you will first need to either create one or be invited by another user via the web interface. Currently it is not possible to create or invite via IRC.

Necessary Information

You will need to obtain the channel name of the group chat room. There are multiple ways to find this information.

Method #1

My recommendation is to use a special URL to the "Chat Depot" API which contains group chat information.

You can access this API here:

Make sure you substitute the token you use as your IRC password into that URL first. (Do NOT include oauth:)

Once that loads you will be presented with information formatted in raw JSON. I would recommend installing a browser extension capable of formatting the output for easy reading. (Chrome / Firefox)

The output will looks similar to:

The information you will need is irc_channel. irc_channel is the channel name you will join.

Method 2

If you switch to a group chat and then select the Popout option under the gear menu, the room name will be included as part of the URL.



In this example:
Channel Name: #_george_1396725628480 (Make sure to prefix #)

From there the process of connecting is the same as detailed in my Twitch IRC guide.

Keep in mind this service is still beta so information is subject to change.