Status of GeoTTV

Update (March 1st): The new chat is being rolled out to waves of users with weekend. GeoTTV will not function on channels where it is active. As it currently stands, I will not be updating GeoTTV in the short term to support it due to the reasons listed below. I'd recommend looking at other alternatives such as BetterTTV or Stylish themes.

After a long deliberation I have decided to cease active development and support for GeoTTV. In short, life moves on and I do not have same amount of time to devote to the extension that I did in the past and what little time I have I would like to devote to other projects.

I will still maintain the basic functionality of the extension but will mostly remove some features that I believe are not necessary, not well done, or clutter up the code base (split chat and translate, you are marked for death, Kappa).

Basic functionality would likely include: some chat enhancements such as server selection and a basic dark theme.


~~- Extension has been unlisted on the Chrome store. It is still accessible via direct link.

  • Badge submissions received after Jan. 31st will not be processed.~~