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There have been many changes to Twitch's IRC interface over the last several weeks including IRCv3 tags and capabilities. The new capabilities allow for more granular control of specific IRC or Twitch features you receive in your IRC client or framework.

One of the largest changes in the removal of the user list (NAMES, JOIN, PART, and MODE commands) by default from IRC connections. If you require this information you will need to send an additional command to request that capability after connecting to the server:


This command should be sent after making the initial connection to the server and logging in but before joining any channels.

IRC Clients


mIRC Options -> Connection -> Options -> Perform

Check Enable perform on connect, add a network for Twitch if it does not already exist, and then enter the following under Perform commands:


HexChat (XChat)

Add the command to the Connect commands tab within the server profile:


Add the following to the On Connect tab in the server details:



You can use the Perform module to request the capability:

As a command:

/msg *perform add CAP REQ

or via the web interface:

Other clients

If you would like to contribute instructions for other clients, please let me know in the comments.