Changes to Ackbot Filter Syntax

On Nov. 10th I will be changing the syntax for Ackbot's filter and moderation options. Individual commands and misc. !set options will be consolidated under a new command called !filter.

This means that anyone wanting to change a filter related option will have to familiarize themselves with the new syntax. A complete command listing will follow but the tl;dr version is as follows:

  • Standalone commands such as !banphrase will now be a sub command of !filter. For example, the new command to add a word to the filter would be !filter banphrase add Kappa.
  • Filter related !set options have also been moved to !filter and some renamed. See below for the new commands.


  • !filter on|off - Toggles all filters.
  • !filter status - Displays status of all filter options.
  • !filter me on|off - Toggle the action AKA /me filter.
  • !filter enablewarnings on|off - Toggles a 10sec warning timeout for first offenses.
  • !filter timeoutduration <seconds> - Sets timeout duration for filter timeouts.
  • !filter displaywarnings on|off - Toggle a message warning and announcing filter timeouts.
  • !filter messagelength <num of char> - Sets the maximum allowed character length for a message.

Sub Commands

Example: !filter banphrase add Kappa

  • links on|off - Toggles link filtering on and off.

  • pd add|delete <domain> - Configures permanently permitted domains.

  • pd list - Lists domains that are allowed to bypass link filter.

  • !permit <name> - Permits a user to post 1 link. This is NOT a sub command!


  • caps on|off - Toggle cap filtering on and off.

Filtered messages must match all three of the below settings:

  • caps percent <int (0-100)> - >= this percentage of caps per line.
  • caps mincaps <int> - >= this number of caps per line.
  • caps minchars <int> - total characters per line must be >= this.
  • caps status - Displays the current values.

Banned phrases

  • banphrase on|off - Turns filter on/off.
  • banphrase list - Lists filtered words.
  • banphrase add <phrase> - Adds string to filter - Accepts direct regular expressions (Prefix with REGEX:).
  • banphrase delete <phrase> - Removes string from filter.


Covers ASCII symbols, unicode classes for box drawings, block elements and geometric shapes also select other spammed characters.

  • symbols on|off - Turns symbols filter on/off.

Filtered messages must match both of the below settings:

  • symbols percent <int (0-100)> - >= percentage of symbols.
  • symbols min <int> - >= number of symbols per line.
  • symbols status - Displays the current values.


Limits Twitch global emotes.

  • emotes on|off - Owner - Toggle emote spam filtering on and off.
  • emotes max <int> - Max number of emotes allowed.
  • emotes single on|off - Toggles filter for single emote messages.