Ackbot Subscriber Status

I've added a temporary workaround into Ackbot to allow for subscriber immunity aka regular status for your channel. To enable this feature in your channel you must follow three steps:

  1. Find the emote set for your particular channel. You can use the Twitch Emotes API to do this if you do not already know the correct set ID for your channel.
  2. Set the emote set ID in Ackbot's settings. Command: !set emoteset 5 if your set ID is 5.
  3. Set subscribers to act as regulars. Command: !set subscriberregulars on

Of course for this to work your channel must have at least 1 subscriber only emote. Hopefully once some upcoming Twitch chat changes are done this will be replaced with an easier to use feature.

As a reminder, regulars are immune to all optional channel filters and can also have access to regular only commands (See !command restrict in the docs.)

If you have any issues or would like me to set this up for you, please send me a Twitch PM.