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ChatDepot API for Twitch Group Chat

Disclaimer: This is not official documentation of the API. Group chat is still beta and the information here may become outdated at any time.


ChatDepot requires a valid chat_login OAuth token be passed with each call. This token must be passed in the oauth_token parameter in the query string.


Listing existing rooms


Creating a new room

  • irc_channel = IRC room name. Must start with _. (Required)
  • display_name = Display name in room list. (Required)

Modifying existing room

  • irc_channel = IRC room name. (Required)
  • public_invites_enabled = Allow anyone to invite. Valid options: 0 or 1. (Required)
  • display_name = Display name in room list. (Required)

Inviting a user

  • irc_channel = IRC room name. (Required)
  • username = Username of user to invite. (Required)

Deleting a room

  • irc_channel = IRC room name. (Required)


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