Requesting user lists on Twitch IRC

There have been many changes to Twitch's IRC interface over the last several weeks including IRCv3 tags and capabilities. The new capabilities allow for more granular control of specific IRC or Twitch features you receive in your IRC client or framework. One of the largest changes in the removal of the user list (NAMES, JOIN, PART, and MODE commands) by default from IRC connections. If you require…

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ChatDepot API for Twitch Group Chat

Disclaimer: This is not official documentation of the API. Group chat is still beta and the information here may become outdated at any time. Authorization ChatDepot requires a valid chat_login OAuth token be passed with each call. This token must be passed in the oauth_token parameter in the query string. Ex: https://chatdepot.twitch.tv/room_memberships?oauth_token=XXXXXXXXX Listing existing roo…

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Connecting to Twitch Group Chat via IRC

Update April 2016 - Group chat has moved to the main IRC servers. Check out my other guide for connection instructions. Before Connecting In order to join one of those new group chats via IRC you will first need to either create one or be invited by another user via the web interface. Currently it is not possible to create or invite via IRC. Necessary Information You will need to obtain the channe…

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Status of GeoTTV

Update (March 1st): The new chat is being rolled out to waves of users with weekend. GeoTTV will not function on channels where it is active. As it currently stands, I will not be updating GeoTTV in the short term to support it due to the reasons listed below. I'd recommend looking at other alternatives such as BetterTTV or Stylish themes. After a long deliberation I have decided to cease active d…

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Introducing GeoMotes

Today I'd like to introduce the Twitch community to a little project I've been working on this week called GeoMotes. I and a lot of other Twitch users would probably agree that one of the best features of Twitch chat is the emotes. You can use the global emotes, subscriber emotes, Kappa emotes, and even cute and lovable puppy emotes. Users like emotes so much that many developers have taken to cre…

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Changes to Ackbot Filter Syntax

On Nov. 10th I will be changing the syntax for Ackbot's filter and moderation options. Individual commands and misc. !set options will be consolidated under a new command called !filter. This means that anyone wanting to change a filter related option will have to familiarize themselves with the new syntax. A complete command listing will follow but the tl;dr version is as follows: Standalone comm…

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